Experiences / learning

I am a director / motion designer / graphic designer, based in Paris for fifteen years. I worked mainly for television (France TV, Eurosport, NBC Universal, Paris Première…), advertising, corporate film, credits, video clip…

Passionate about all areas of graphic design, with a creative mind and great curiosity. I am therefore continually training myself in the new techniques and mediums available. I also call on talented collaborators in various fields, from filming to sound-design to drone to meet your requests.

I first studied at the School of Fine Arts, in the communication section, where I made my first moves in the various artistic practices. Before finally turning to the animated image.

What is motion design?

Motion design is an essential asset for your communication. It is animated visual communication. It is the association of “motion” for animation and “design” for artistic creation.

Motion design is the right medium to convey a clear, dynamic and pleasant message in a limited time, to present your services and products, or to bring a screen to life. To differentiate yourself from your competitors. increase your sales, enhance your brand image or communicate in a fun and effective way.

The motion designer, digital graphic designer, is able to use different techniques to create animations. 2D or 3D animation, flat design, graphic design, animated texts, or even special effects.

My services

I offer you my know-how and a wide range of services to boost your visual communication. Every graphic creation I make can include typography, audio, 3D animation, special effects, print/digital or videos. This is to specifically meet your needs.

Let’s discuss your project to find the ideal solution for you.

Gif bande demo film d'entreprise corporate institutionnel Réalisateur Motion-design audiovisuel graphisme
Gif bande demo film professionnel production audiovisuelle motion design 2D 3D cinéma publicité bande annonce télévision TV broadcast Réalisateur Motion-design audiovisuel graphisme
gif démo motion designer Réalisateur Motion-design audiovisuel graphisme