Experiences / learning

I am a Director and Motion Graphic Designer, based in Paris for fifteen years, I worked mainly in the audiovisual industry, advertising, commercial and institutional field, and participated in the development of several opening titles for TV programs and movies, music video … for various channels (France TV, Eurosport, NBC Universal, Paris Première …) and studios.

I now work mainly remotely, which makes me a completely autonomous person, but I can also move to participate in longer projects. I am very mobile geographically.

I am passionate about all areas of graphic design, with a creative mind and great curiosity.

I studied at the School of Fine Arts, in communication section, where I made my first steps in different artistic practices, before turning to the animated image.

Since then, I like to face new challenges, collaborate with new people and learn new skills.

My services

I offer my expertise and a wide range of services to boost your visual communication.

Each graphic creation I make can include typography, audio, 3D animation, special effects, print / digital or even videos.

Let’s discuss your project to find the ideal solution for you.

Motion Design

2D / 3D animation, VFX / special effects, animated logos, compositing, video cladding, institutional films, design graphic, artistic direction ...

Graphic Design

Creation of visual identities, logos, flyers, posters, business cards or other, on the support that suits you best.


Compositing, inlay of elements, tracking.